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Phases of Development


We  like to keep things simple so that our client is empowered to manage their own website if they choose without having to be tied to us.  To this end, we use an affordable and user-friendly software application which offers wizard web functionality without our clients' needing technical skills.  Having said that, many of our clients prefer to concentrate on their own organisation and out-source the maintenance of their website so we offer this service as well.

To begin the process we consult with our client to understand their organisation, its 'story' and what they particularly want from their website.  This meeting is short but intense as we cover a lot of ground to get a really good sense of what our client wants to achieve.  We work very quickly and usually within a week have drafted up a fairly comprehensive mocked-up site for our client's review.  We find this really helps our clients to see the true potential of their website.  Having something tangible of their own to work with helps them with ideas to complete the design and make it really special.  This process works really well for all organisations whether it's a business, a charity, a school or any other type of enterprise.


While we work on a website, we immerse ourselves fully in that 'story'.  We compare competitive/peer sites to see 'best of breed' and gather benefical material and links to add to a visitors' useful experience.  We add pages if they truly complement the site.  We don't if they won't.  Some of our sites have up to 100 pages (eg. schools where there is extensive information to include from Ethos to Curriculum to Policy to Class pages) while some others have a much narrower focus and can require less than 10 pages to showcase their story (such as our own site).

We utilise all material our clients can give us and reformat this material so it looks great and fits with the theme of the site.  Many clients have great content materials but find the discipline of the website development process really helps them to refresh their material to suit their business and brand.  We've also helped clients with logos and tag lines which suit their particular enterprise.

Our goal at all times is to build a site for our clients that they simply love.  Please read our testimonials to hear what our clients think of our work and our support.

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