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News - January 31, 2021

Jean Jullien, Supermundane and more design badges for Farmdrop’s ‘local food revolution’ – News

A collection of UK artists and illustrators has created a series of badges to support Farmdrop, an online marketplace that aims to make food local again by letting people buy directly from local farms and producers.

Supermundane (Rob Lowe), Jean Jullien, Matthew Green and Lucy Vigrass have each designed a ‘revolution’ themed badge, which will be given away to foodies and Farmdrop customers to promote local British food producers.

A London-based start-up, Farmdrop was founded by ex-Morgan Stanley stockbroker Ben Pugh. Pugh”s mission was to fix the food supply chain by removing unnecessary middlemen to give consumers better quality, fresher food and producers a fairer financial deal. Farmers and producers are given an average of 70 per cent of sale revenue through Farmdrop as opposed to 30 per cent from supermarkets.

The company recorded a 700 per cent increase in farmers registering to sell their milk direct to customers – as well as a 422 per cent increase in consumer demand for local milk – during the recent dairy crisis.

Rob Lowe said he liked the sentiment behind Farmdrop.  “We hear a lot about farmers and producers being under paid, so if Farmdrop delivers great-tasting food and the producers get what it’s worth then surely that’s better.  I’m also a fan of the good old-fashioned way of working and enjoyed trading skills…design for food!” 

“We’re delighted that some of the UK’s leading artists and illustrators have thrown their support behind Farmdrop on our mission to make food local again,” said Ben Pugh. “Our customer base is increasing every day as people discover the offering and taste the food of Britain’s best local farmers and producers.”

“The revolution against the not-so-supermarkets is growing and it will taste delicious.”


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