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News - February 3, 2021

Belle & Sebastian’s Perfect Couples music video features a weave of dance moves – News

The best new music video you”ll see this week features intricate choreography to accompany the latest single from Scottish indie-poppers Belle & Sebastian.

I’ve been trying to track down this film since seeing it playing behind Belle & Sebastian as they performed Perfect Couples at their recent gig at the Westminster Central Hall in London – but it’s finally been released to accompany the release of the song as a single.

After 30 seconds of percussion, the video opens a 70s suburban living room – the home of the song’s not-so-perfect couples. A woman comes in and performs a series of seemingly odd dance moves across the room, then leaves. She reappears and performs the same moves, then again accompanied by another two dancers – where some of her moves start to make sense as she interacts with the others.

More and more dancers join in, completing the moves of preceding dancers – and it’s quite wonderful as you see the complex web of moves build up.

And the whole thing is appears to be done in an effortless single take, which just adds to its splendour (and once the dance really kicks off I couldn’t spot anywhere where an edit could take place, so I don’t want to think about how many takes it took to get that right).

The Perfect Couples music video was directed by Oscar Sansom and produced by The Forest of Black. It’s taken from Belle & Sebastian’s recent album Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, and features the band’s Stevie Jackson on vocals rather than usual vocalist Stuart Murdoch.

Thanks to Gemsypops Dixon for tracking this down.

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