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Features - February 3, 2021

Best design, art, animation and interactive projects for the Brazil World Cup 2014

The World Cup-related projects we”re featuring here include high-budget branded campaigns – both official partners of the much-hated organisers FIFA and other prominent brands trying to associate themselves with the Brazil World Cup 2014 by references to football, or Brazil – and personal projects from creatives with a genuine enthusiasm for football (or they’re very very good at faking it).

First we’re featuring two great films created by big brands. For design, illustration and interactive projects, check out the gallery below.

Nike Football’s five-minute animated film The Last Game contains an element you don’t really find in much official World Cup-related projects: fun. Most are conceived in terms of success, athleticism, team spirit and the like – which The Last Game delivers in its ‘third ‘act’ – but much of it features gentle ribbing of the personal characteristics of iconic footballers including Ronaldo, Rooney, Ibrahimovic and more.

The Last Game sees footballers replaced by clones by some kind of evil mastermind, leading to a group of the best human footballers being brought together to challenge them in one final game. Taking over seven months to create, the film was directed by Passion Pictures’ (and ex-Psyop) Jon Saunders.

Pepsi Whoever We Are film sees animated chalk-drawings of footballers helping a boy grow his skills and love of football, set to a soundtrack by Timbaland and singer Rachel Assil. Whoever We Are is set in a deprived environment that’s clearly meant to be the Brazilian favelas – though without being explicit about that, as Pepsi’s not an official World Cup sponsor.

Directors The Kolton Brothers have also created a behind-the-scenes film about how they captured footballers in motion and commissioned illustrators to turn them into the chalk drawings. You can watch that below the film.

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