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News - February 7, 2021

CES 2015 Topic – Digital Arts


It might look like something from a sci-fi movie, but the ReWalk robotic exoskeleton is changing lives for the better.

The Internet of Things: now with beer


The Internet is adding a bit of hop to the art of beer crafting with a new appliance that can not only brew the alcoholic beverage, but also tap online resources and services, and be controlled via a web browser.

Wacom launches huge 27-inch Cintiq 27QHD, upgrades Cintiq Companion 2 – updated


The 27-inch version of the Cintiq monitor you can draw directly on will have creatives drooling – while the Cintiq Companion Windows 8.1 tablet gets a performance boost (and can act as a monitor for your computer).

3D-printed wood and metal from a MakerBot Replicator: we get hands on in Vegas


Later this year you’ll be able to print with materials containing wood, metal or stone from a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer.

Monotype Spark brings beautiful typography to cars, watches and medical devices


2015 is apparently the year of the Internet of Things – including wearables and in-car displays – and new tech from Monotype aims to allow designers to make them easier to read.

Nvidia's next-gen car tech: graphics cards maker surprises with a focus on self-driving cars


The pundits hated Nvidia’s press conference for concentrating on tech for making cars better, safer and able to drive themselves but it makes sense.

Wearables for pets: Binatone's smart collar lets you track your dog


Binatone has developed a smart collar that can let you track, train and communicate with your dog.

Withings' Activité Pop is a lovely analogue-styled smartwatch


The Activité Pop is a smartwatch, but it looks like a fun analog watch.

Head-tracking headphones give you real 3D sound


3D Sound Labs’ new Neoh headphones are “smart 3D audio headphones”, incorporating head-tracking sensors that measure your head’s position in space. Put on these phones and you can physically turn around and force Kanye to yell into your right ear.

New laptops due with better battery life & graphics from Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo & more due to Intel Broadwell Core chips


Laptop battery life and graphics will get a serious boost with Intel’s new Core processors, reaching PCs this month following a long delay.

HP's Zvr 'virtual reality' monitor lets you manipulate 3D models as holographic projections


The HP Zvr monitor can project 3D images, which modellers and animators can navigate through, zoom and manipulate.

Oculus Rift stereo 3D film lets Cuban refugees see Havana again


What’s most notable about Paisajes though is that it captures an area most people have (until recently, anyway) been barred from.

The Internet of Things in 2015: everything comes together


Next year, the Internet of Things should start coming together into a useful whole. Here’s how it should work.

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